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Slot Placement Isn’t Random

Although casinos want you to believe that everything on the floor is put in a totally random manner for easy access and aesthetics, this is definitely not the case.

The casino gaming team analyzes, tests, and monitors every square foot of the casino. Traffic patterns are tracked and certain areas of the casino are given the interest to decide which slots or games to put in that location.

The highest yield slots are typically located in the most popular casino locations. In addition to this, the most common slots are often put in certain areas to draw players to play in the casino.


Some slots pay out more than others

Not all slot machines are made equal, and that means that all of them are paying out at the same rate.

Generally speaking, video slots payout less than traditional slots on reels. This is because reel slots are easier to run and maintain, and are not as appealing as the video slot to the viewer.

Video slots are lavish now and have themes of pop culture which attract more players. The casinos will turn down a payout rate because of this.


The slots club doesn’t exist to reward you

This is one of the biggest cons in the gambling industry. You know how the casinos promote themselves as giving back to the player and rewarding you for your play? This is all a lie.

Now, I’m not saying you won’t get some free play credits, access to promotions, and other comps for being a part of the slot or player’s club, but this isn’t why it exists. It exists to provide the casino marketing department with player data so that they can attract and retain you as a customer.

Yes, that’s right, all the free money and comps you get out of the casino are from the marketing department. They will analyze your play, movement, likes, dislikes, and betting patterns to determine how best to market themselves to you so that you return.

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